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IP Art is an advisory firm

specialized in artwork investment and art wealth management consultancy


  • Artwork acquisition and sale consulting
  • Artwork research
  • Implementation of financial and tax arrangements
  • Inventory and expertise for your collection
  • Financial appraisal of your works
  • Transport, storage, restoration, framing, and insurance for your art works


We accompany you throughout the holding period of your work of art.


  • Independence
  • Transparency
  • Confidentiality
  • Works of art have always been acquired, transferred, and exchanged for artistic, social, and financial reasons.

    Arnaud Dubois
    Arnaud Dubois, Associate Director


We help you to meet your financial goals


Whether you are an informed amateur or a discerning collector, we guide you in the creation, optimization, and management of your art collection. Because we know your collection is an intimate reflection of your personal choices, we work together with you to develop a coherent collection in line with your goals.


A company’s purchase of a work of art is eligible for a tax write-off of 100% of its acquisition price. We guide companies as they choose quality works of art that will appreciate in value over time.


Works of art are tangible assets that evolve in an international marketplace that is often opaque. In recent years this market has seen unprecedented growth. Today it is liberated, internationalized, and institutionalized. A serious entrance into this market requires deep knowledge of art history, artists, and the market for their work. We recommend acquiring undervalued works of art by international artists who are an integral part of art history, whose works are bought and sold on the global marketplace.

  • The art market’s tax rate is exceptional. But it remains an adjustment variable. To sell a work successfully, you must first buy it successfully.

    Arnaud Dubois
    Arnaud Dubois, Associate Director


For primarily historical reasons, works of art benefit from a particularly advantageous tax rate and remain one of the most attractive tax breaks.

Wealth Tax: a complete exemption

Any taxpayer with net property assets greater than 1300 000 euros is subject to the wealth tax (Impôt sur la Fortune Immobilière). Works of art are completely exempted from this tax and are not reportable.

Capital Gains

In the event of resale, works of art are subject to an especially attractive tax rate as they allow their owners to benefit from a choice of two tax rates:
    • A lump-sum tax or 6.5% of the sale price of the work • Or the regular rule, with the imposition of capital gains up to 36.2% (19% + 17.2% of social security) minus a 5% reduction after the second year. After 22 years in possession, works of art are entirely exempt from taxation. 

Gifts: an advantageous way to pay one’s taxes

A strategy stemming from the Malraux Law of 1968 in order to avoid massive exports of artworks abroad and to promote the conservation of national artistry, gifting allows French citizens to exempt themselves from certain taxes by offering a work of art to the state. The taxpayer registers its gift with the tax administration listing the estimated value of the work, which is then examined by the interdepartmental approval committee.

Corporate Tax Exemption: a tax exemption of 100% of the acquisition price of an artwork

A company that buys a work of art can write off 100% of its acquisition price. Article 238 bis AB of the French General Tax Code allows for the deduction of 20% of the acquisition price per year for five years. The following conditions apply to this benefit:
  • • The acquired works must be by living artists.
  • • Each deduction must not exceed 5% of the year’s revenue.
  • • The company must exhibit the works for 5 years in a “publicly accessible place,” meaning nearly any place with the exception of individual offices.

The seller’s tax residence is in France or in the European Union

If a work of art is sold outside of the European Union, the individual is subject to French tax laws.  
  • • Exemption from the Export VAT:
  • Exports of works of art, collectibles, or antiques to countries or territories outside of the European Community are exempt from the VAT, according to article 262-I of the French General Tax Code. This exemption applies to the price margin or to the total price in accordance with the rule applied to the work.
  • • Import VAT Rule:
  • Imports of works of art, collectibles, or antiques to a member state of the European Community are taxed at a rate of 5.5% in accordance with article 278-O bis H of the French General Tax Code.  

The seller is a tax resident abroad

If a work of art is sold in France, the individual is not subject to French tax laws. In this case, the tax laws of their place of residence apply.



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Are you professional art dealer or wealth manager? Let’s talk.


Are you a professional art dealer with an artwork that might interest us? Are you looking for a particular work? Let’s talk.

Gallerists & Art Dealers
- Our clients entrust you with their works to be sold - Come to us with your artworks or those of your clients that may be of interest to us
Auction Houses
- We follow your sales with great interest - Our clients buy and sell by mutual agreement
Brokers & Art Advisors
- We are interested in the works entrusted to you by your clients - The works of our clients may be of interest to you
Interior Designers & Decorators
- We bring meaning to your projects’ decoration - Our customers’ artworks may be of interest to you


Are you a wealth management professional looking to diversify your clients’ assets?
Let's talk

IP Art gives you the opportunity to diversify your clients’ assets by offering you access to products that are prestigious and separate from traditional assets.

Works of art make up their own class of assets, benefit from a very favorable tax rate, and remain an important financial investment for wealth diversification. A valuable wealth tool, IP Art guides your clients in the acquisition and sale of their artworks and works with them throughout the entirety of their possession.

IP Art is committed to advising your clients in art wealth management.


Our team


Arnaud Dubois

Associate Director

With degrees in Art History, Art Business, and Wealth Management, Arnaud Dubois spent several years working at prestigious contemporary art galleries and at international auction houses before founding IP Art. An advisor in art asset management, Arnaud Dubois works closely with private collectors and investors, public institutions and art dealers.

Stéphane Cremades


After graduating from ESC Toulouse and receiving an MBA in Business Administration, Stéphane Crémades began his career as a refinancing advisor before becoming an independent Financial and Tax Advisor. He has more than 10 years of experience in financial management and administration.

Stéphane Peltier


After graduating from ESC Toulouse and receiving a master’s in Wealth and Real Estate Management from IMPI, Stéphane Peltier began his career at KPMG as a statutory auditing manager before becoming the sales director at Next Patrimoine. He has more than 10 years of experience in wealth management.

Jérémy Aras


With a masters in Managing Financial Instruments and a specialized masters in Wealth Engineering from INSEEC, Jeremy Aras started his career as a buy-side small & mid caps analyst for various French companies before becoming a private asset manager for SGI Management and then the financial director of the Institut du Patrimoine in 2010.


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